Brandon Spratt. Aug 10-17

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Brandon Spratt. Aug 10-17

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On August 10 2019, join Brandon for 8 days of daily practice, luxury villas, delectable meals and immersive experiences in paradise.

About Brandon

Since in the womb, Brandon has been a yogi. His mother was practicing while she was pregnant and around the age of four he was invited into his first yoga class. Growing up with a semi-regular, consistent meditation and yoga influence from his family, Brandon adopted a meditation practice into his life at a very early age. Any time there was stress, anxiety or depression, Brandon had that little voice in the back of his mimd that would simply say, “meditate.”

Now, Brandon teaches his students that anything can be overcome, to develop a positive mind, and keep the heart open. Even through the hardest of challenges, we can elevate ourselves to the perceptive mode of the observer, the witness to our experiences and exist outside of duality and merge into neutrality. The ability to say, “thank you” in the midst of chaos takes trust, faith and a little effort to become aware of what and who you truly are. This is the essence of Brandon’s teachings.

Why Join

Join Brandon in the lush jungle of the Sierra Madre of Puerto Vallarta for 8 days of integrated Yoga practice, incorporating Kundalini, Mantra and Pranayama. Suitable for all levels and the perfect opportunity to learn new forms of Yoga.

During this week you are going to learn breathing techniques that will allow your body to open and flow easily into the postures. Together we will explore the best options for you to feel comfortable and advance with ease in your yoga practice. The goal is for you to take the beautiful gift of yoga so that you will be able to practice with confidence either on your own or with a group.

What’s Included

  • 8-day stay at one of our luxury jungle villas

  • Unlimited WiFi

  • Daily housekeeping, concierge, and 24/7 security

  • Daily sunrise and sunset yoga al fresco

  • Use of yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets

  • Three delicious, nutrient-dense meals daily

  • All non-alcoholic beverages

  • Three guided experiences:

    • Snorkel at Los Arcos day

    • Hike to beautiful waterfalls

    • Seva - give back to locals

  • Transportation to/from included experiences

  • Use of villa's private pool and main pool

What’s Not Included

  • Airfare, airport transfers, and travel insurance

  • Spa services, and optional activities

  • Staff gratuity

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