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Need to escape routine, disconnect and unwind? Join other yogis for 8 days of daily practice, luxury villas, delectable meals and immersive experiences in paradise. Reserve by February 18 to get First Access pricing and save up to $400.


A truly life changing experience.
— Melissa Roberts, August 15, 2017

Proper rest and self-care

Yoga twice daily. Three nutritious meals daily. Guided adventures. The option to get massages and facials on-site. Or to go on one of dozens of tours. Or maybe just lounge by the pool or the wraparound decks of your open-concept villa.


7:30 AM

Yoga outdoors with amazing jungle and ocean views.


9:00 AM

Smoothie bowls, oatmeal, fresh fruit, toppings.


10:00 AM

Lounge at the villa, join a tour or book an activity.


12:30 PM

Buddha bowls, soups, salads - all prepared at home.


1:30 PM

Lounge by the pool, get a massage or a facial.  


5:30 PM

Yoga and workshops on pain relief and aging gracefully.

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7:00 PM

Healthy gourmet entrees with salad and dessert.


8:00 PM

Meditation, reading, talks, walks, connection.


An absolutely wonderful week.
— Charla Allyn Hughes, December 28, 2017

World-renowned Teachers

Every week, we feature different yoga teachers expert in a variety of styles, the ability to teach novices and advanced yogis alike, and the expertise to lead transformative yoga retreats.

If you need a respite from the daily grind, join us for a week of self-care, self-discovery and healing. We love facilitating the process of self-discovery and physical, mental and emotional transformation that is inherent in yoga.


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The studio is amazing with great views and open to the elements.
— Jason Matthew Morris, February 22, 2018

Fully staffed and catered

Nestled between the lush Conchas Chinas canyon and the pristine shores of South Beach, our villas are the perfect place to retreat, do yoga and bask in the beauty of nature. Security guard 24/7, concierge, cook, housekeeper and tour guide included.

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One of the most peaceful and beautiful places I have ever stayed in.
— Beryl Puddifer, January 16, 2018

Nutritious and delicious

Enjoy a plant-based and nutrient-dense menu. Everything is vegan, gluten-free, corn-free, refined sugar and agave free. We only use quality oils: coconut, olive and sesame. Ingredients are organic and locally sourced as much as possible.

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Puerto Vallarta Mexico Yoga Retreats Lauren Rudick-5-3.jpg
Puerto Vallarta Mexico Yoga Retreats Lauren Rudick-2.jpg

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I’m a foodie and I can say each meal was a gastronomic delight.
— Chris Kuhlman, April 8, 2018

Playtime in a tropical paradise

We'll take you snorkeling to explore tropical fauna at Los Arcos, hiking through 64 acres of stunning jungle at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, and we’ll also take you to a school or community center in need to help transform it.

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The included excursions were amazing.
— Jesse Shroyer, February 27, 2018

All-Inclusive From $1,300

8 days at our luxury jungle villas overlooking the ocean, yoga practice twice daily, three nutritious and delicious meals prepared daily by our chefs, and three fun, immersive experiences in paradise for less than what you'd spend at a Holiday Inn.


Standard Rooms

  • 260 sq. ft. - 1 king or 2 twin beds

  • Wall-to-wall retractable glass

  • Deck or patio access

  • Shared bathroom

  • Air conditioning

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Premium Rooms

  • 350 sq. ft. - 1 king or 2 twin beds

  • Wall-to-wall retractable glass

  • Deck or patio access

  • Private ensuite

  • Air conditioning

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Penthouse Suites

  • 1,500 sq ft - 1 king or 2 twin beds

  • Lounge area

  • Wall-to-wall retractable glass

  • Large wraparound deck

  • Jacuzzi

  • Private ensuite

  • Walk-in closet

  • Air conditioning


Single Occupancy Rates

Book by February 18 and save up to $400 on your room

Prices increase as spots fill but you can get First Access pricing on any retreat by booking before February 18


Standard Room

Premium Room

Penthouse Suite

First Access

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Book now and pay this

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Early Bird




Regular Price





Double Occupancy Rates

Book by February 18 and save up to $200 on your room

Prices increase as spots fill but you can get First Access pricing on any retreat by booking before February 18


Standard Room

Premium Room

Penthouse Suite

First Access

Book now and pay this

Book now and pay this

Book now and pay this

Early Bird




Regular Price




Facebook Reviews

Hana Raftery.jpg
I taught a retreat here last week and everything was perfect! Highlights from our trip— sunrise and sunset yoga on the deck overlooking the jungle and the ocean, super fun jungle hike, clean delicious meals, and lots of down time to connect, go the beach, and relax.

A few of my students said it was the BEST VACATION THEY HAVE EVER TAKEN. As a teacher/retreat leader, I felt so taken care of by the staff. Rodolfo, Alex, and Julien were so kind and made me feel very supported. Thank you so much for an incredible experience — take me back!!!
— Hana Raftery, April 19, 2018
A truly superb experience. The location and facilities are beautiful, with tremendous views of the bay and sunsets. The food is delicious. The outside activities were most enjoyable. Every member of the staff was extremely helpful. The facility, location, food, and service combined to create a perfect setting for yoga and meditation, with ample opportunities to enjoy Puerto Vallarta as well.
— Rick Saunders, October 17, 2017
Blair Wade.jpg
I was thoroughly impressed with the property, the food, and the service that was offered to us for our retreat. Everything exceeded my expectations. Lucy and Julien were very attentive and had so much information for us! I’m not a vegan, however after eating the vegan, gluten free no sugar added menu I have started making more positive choices in my regular diet. The views were spectacular, for anyone needing a break from the busy lives they lead... I highly recommend going to unwind and disconnect in amapas. I was so excited for this trip and it went way beyond my expectations!
— Blair Wade, August 8, 2017
I recently participated in a yoga retreat at this beautiful location. At the top of a large hill are a number of villas nestled in the jungle that provide for gorgeous vistas and luxurious comfort. The beautiful and spacious living room and kitchen make you feel at home, while the retractable glass walls give you the feeling that you’re in nature, almost like a treehouse. The onsite chefs, Mario and Israel, provided for an outstanding food experience. I can’t wait for their cookbook! All the staff ensured that we had a great experience and took great care to meet our needs. Thank you!!!
— CJ de Jong, February 14, 2018
Yoga Retreats & Co is in an absolutely beautiful jungle location. But still within easy reach of town and the beach (by foot or cheap taxi ride). The penthouse suite with its retractable glass doors lets you feel like you’re outside when you’re actually inside and you could wake up to the jungle view every morning. Food was absolutely delicious (both in looks and taste!). I particularly enjoyed the jungle hike excursion, followed by beach yoga and relaxation time. Thank you to all of the team for making my stay an awesome one. Highly recommend!
— Sara Sabin, January 15, 2018