Location and Transportation

how far are the villas from the airport?

About 25 minutes by car. 

do I have to pay for transportation to the adventures you include in the retreat?

No. It's included. 

How about if I book a tour or activity? 

Then yes, you have to organize and pay for your own transportation. But no worries. We can organize transportation for you. 


Check-in and Check-out

When is check-in and check-out? 

Check-in is 3 pm. Check-out is 11 am.

My flight arrives late at night. Can I still check in?

Yes, you can check in up until 9:30 pm. 

My flight doesn't leave until the evening. can I have late check-out?

We may be able to give you an hour but you can leave your luggage with us and come back. 


Food and Beverage

Do you have beer and wine or do I have to bring my own? 

We don't serve alcoholic beverages but you're welcome to bring your own. 

i like to eat meat. do you have something for me? 

Sorry but we don't. But we do have an excellent guide to the best restaurants in the area that we can provide for you.

I'm allergic to gluten, peanuts, mushrooms and other things. what can I eat?

Mostly everything! We do have a few items in the menu with gluten and mushrooms but we can provide you with alternatives.



what is the weather like?

Check here.

are there bugs and mosquitoes? 

There are very few mosquitos and bugs most of the year considering we're in the jungle. June through September is peak for bugs. We do the best we can to reduce the impact of bugs naturally.


Staff Gratuities

I want to leave a tip. How do I do that?

Thank you! Tipping is customary in Mexico and greatly appreciated by our staff. The night before your return home we'll send you an email with an option to leave a tip with your credit card or Paypal. We ask that you please provide your tips through our online cart so management can distribute them evenly to our staff. 


Insurance and Safety

Do you have international liability insurance? 

Yes. We're fully covered. 

Do I need travel insurance? 

Yes. We make it mandatory. Check with your credit cards and your employer as they often offer travel insurance. If you need to purchase travel insurance, we recommend www.tripinsurance.com. 

is puerto vallarta safe?

Puerto Vallarta is the safest city in Mexico. That may help explain the 4 million visitors, mostly from the US and Canada, who visit every year. 



How many rooms do you have? 

We have five four-bedroom villas, so twenty rooms.

How many rooms have king-size beds?

All of our rooms have twin beds that convert to king-size beds. We don't just put two beds together; we use a hotel-standard system.

how private are the bedrooms?

Very. They all have black-out blinds. Most of them have complete privacy from the outside anyway.    

do rooms have windows or are they totally open to the elements? 

Both. Every room has either two or three walls and one wall with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling retractable glass doors. They all have either ocean, jungle or ocean and jungle views. Most people keep the glass doors open all the time. It's up to you if you want to have the tree house experience or if you want more protection from the elements.

what are the room categories?

  • Standard Room: 260 sq. ft. with shared bathroom

  • Premium Room: 350 sq. ft. with ensuite

  • Penthouse suite: 1,500 sq. ft. with jacuzzi and massive deck


Pools, Beaches and Hot Tubs

Is there a pool at the villas? 

Yes. Actually, each villa has it's own private pool and there is also a larger common pool. 

is there a hot tub? 

The penthouse suites have a large jacuzzi in the ensuite.

how far away are the villas from the beach?

We are about four blocks away or a five minute walk from some of the nicest beaches in Puerto Vallarta. 

is the ocean warm enough to swim? 

Yes. The water is usually low 70s in the winer and mid-80s in the summer.

is the beach sandy or rocky?

Both. There are stunning rock formations among sandy beaches and turquoise water. However, storms can sometimes litter the beach with small rocks which can take a few days for the ocean to reclaim.


Internet and Communication

Do you provide WiFi?


can I get cell reception? 


I won't be bringing my cell. can i call US/Canada from the villa? Is there a cost? 

Yes. The villas have a house phone you can use to make US or Canada calls. No. There is no cost. 


Reservations, Cancellations and Payments

what happens if I need to cancel? 

If you purchased our Flexible Rate option at the time of booking for $100, you can exchange, transfer or receive a refund minus a 10% cancellation fee. If you did not purchase our Flexible Rate option at the time of booking, your purchase is non-refundable, non-transferrable, and cannot be exchanged.

what kind of money should I bring?

You'll pay for the retreat in US and because it's all-inclusive, you only need money for extras. If you want to order spa services or a tour, we do that online as well in US funds. You only need Mexican Pesos if you're planning on eating out or doing something outside of what we offer. A convenient way to get a decent rate is to use your Credit Card or ATM card.